Ltd. Mentekuno design office is the company which is designing and manufacturing the manufacture machine of various noodles.

Ltd. Mentekuno design office is the company which is designing and manufacturing the manufacture machine of various noodles.

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Introduction of the noodle-making line by a product

真空自動ミキサー イメージ

Vaccum Auto Mixer

 If the whole quantity of flour that is the raw material of the noodle is assumed to be 100, other starch etc. are mixed with brine solution 45.
 In the mixture tank, the tangency of flour and the brine solution is improved by the vacuum, and it mixes it enough.

複合機 イメージ

Compound Machine

 The raw material powder mixed with the mixer is passed through the roll, and it enlarges it to the noodle belt roughly.  The gluten is ripened to the cloth in this process at the same time.

圧延機 イメージ

Rolling Machine

 It extends to three stages by the roll of about 24cm in the diameter and it rolls out.
 The thickness of the noodle belt when having gone out of the compound machine is made constant thickness by about 10mm with the roll of the third step.

切出し機 イメージ

Cutting Machine

 The boiling time and the texture change into the noodle depending on the thickness.
 Generally, for limit width 4, I do thickness at the rate of 3,
It might be not the best to this.
 The incisor tooth roll : with the stainless steel material.
It always cuts it with the belt of the noodle pulled.

茹機 イメージ

Boiling Machine

 The noodle of the commodity sackful is divided, it drops to boil bucket, and it is moved with the voile bucket flooded only at necessary time. The pH, the temperature, and the salinity etc. of water are adjusted.

possession patent:
In the peripheral part of noodle boiling pot, Device to prevent carbonizing starch quality from adhering

包装機 イメージ

Wrapping Machine

 The noodle of a constant amount is automatically wrapped after the boiling noodle is cooled, and it advances to the low-temperature long-time pasteurization process.

 殺菌処理機 イメージ

sterilization processing

 It leads to the (80℃-85℃) sterilization processing room by the heating steam with boil-noodle wrapped. The processing time is about 30-40 minutes.

The line of products which was manufactured

商品総合 イメージ

Introduction of commodity that lines up

 Everyone and the commodity with the seen thing might be included. Various commodities are invented from each manufacturer, and made on the market. Please relish it by all means. A certain technology of the noodle making is here.  

Maintenance イメージ

Maintenance of noodle machine

 A lot of technologies concerning the design and manufacturing the noodle machine and the experiences of cultivating it are made the best use of, maintenance is accomplished promptly with sincerity, and the high appraisal has been received.
 In addition, I want to improve one's techniques, and to contribute to the development of the gastronomic culture of the noodle from the universal viewpoint including Southeast Asia.

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